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Hola! My name is Tatiana and I’m so glad you’re stopping by! I’ve been traveling full time for almost 4 years and have been wanting to share my journey for a long time.  I started this blog as a means to share my real life travel adventures with you as they happen and hopefully lend some travel wisdom along the way.

How this all started:

My love affair with travel started young. Being Mexican American, my family and I made frequent visits to Mexico as well as travel within the US and Canada. However, it wasn’t until I was well into college that I really caught the travel bug.  I studied abroad in Guanajuato, Mexico, with the intention of learning about my Mexican heritage, and got more than I bargained for. I only lived there for a mere 6.5 months, but something has been lit in me ever since.

I graduated with a bachelors in Psychology shortly after moving back to Chicago and started working for DCFS (The Department of Child and Family Services) within a month. I knew early on this wasn’t the career path for me. I was constantly exhausted, depressed and unmotivated. Luckily,  my job offered plenty of vacation time so I traveled to a new destination almost every other month. These trips became my saving grace. After 2 years, I was ready to move on, but really didn’t know where or what I wanted to do. I enlisted in yoga teacher training while on the job hunt, but my gut told me teaching wasn’t for me either.  At some point I ran into an uncle who works as a flight attendant at a family reunion. He suggested I become a flight attendant as I traveled so frequently; it made sense. That night I took a break from applying to “conventional” jobs, and applied to just about every airline I could think of.  From there, the rest is history.  Since then, I have lived in 3 different states and have traveled all over the US, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. It’s been a marvelous adventure when I stop and think about it all.

There is a saying in the airline industry that “flying gets in your blood”.  This lifestyle is far from glamorous, and definitely not for the faint of heart.  Traveling full time is exhausting and finding a balance is a challenge, but for me, it’s a non-negotiable. I don’t know how long I will be a flight attendant, but I know that I’m forever an explorer.

If you haven’t yet noticed, this voyage is anything but straightforward. That’s the thing with travel, it never is. The beauty is in the journey and the unexpected. My hope is that through my shared anecdotes, tips, and pictures you will be compelled to get out there and do some exploring of your own.  This world is a wonderfully weird place and the journey is yours alone. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated either, and the memories, they are so worth it.

“Each one of us has a continent of undiscovered character, happy are those who act as the discoverer of their own soul.” -wise words from my late God father

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